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Black Beauty Gurus to Watch Who Will Give You More Than Just A Makeover

Black beauty gurus are noticeably underexposed compared to their fellow youtubers. With all of that talent that exists on the platform, these beautiful ladies can no longer go unnoticed. Here are my list of top Black Beauty Gurus that you need to know.  

Patricia AKA Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a British youtuber with a real eye for all things beauty! Her channel contains female fashion beauty, hair tutorials, and her new popular review segment over online buys from sketchy sites. You can also always count on Patricia to come in with the amazing life advice

Cindy AKA Cindyrella OG

Cindy is a Texas based youtuber with a channel founded upon wanting to self-motivate and to inspire others. On her channel you will find beauty tutorials, fashion tips, and career help from those she interviews in a certain career. You will also find the fan picked favorite “Asking for a Friend” series, where she and her friends hilariously answer questions from her subscribers.

  • Merry-Day AKA Glam by Merry

Merry-Day is also a Texas Based youtuber who started her channel less than 3 years ago, but has successfully grown her channel to over 33,000 subscribers! She not only gives bomb make-up advice and tutorials, but she is also talented in everything hair. If you’re looking to switch up your style as well as getting your face melanin popping, subtribe to Merry Day’s channel.

  • Tia Taylor

Tia Taylor is an American-born beauty vlogger living in Milan, Italy. Her channel consists of not only beauty but also educational picks and controversial topics. She also speaks fluent Italian! Her videos are usually in English with Italian subtitles, but she has a few videos in complete Italian for her Italian viewers, and also for her American subscribers who have an interest to learn the beautiful Italian language.

If you’re looking to not only get that Melanin popping, why not check these ladies out and don’t forget to subscribe!


Joy Meregini is currently a student at Stephen F. Austin State University, majoring in Psychology and is on the pre-med track. She is a writer for HerCampus SFA. Joy believes that being a psychology major allows her to focus on people, and how to reach and understand them, which inspires her writing. Joy is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Joy holds an Associates from Tyler Junior College. During her down time she enjoys watching, and sobbing over episodes of This Is Us, and she is forever trying to learn a new language (still hasn’t).
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