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Best Places to Find Spooky Décor on a College Budget

Who says you can’t have fun with holiday decorations due to being a college student with a virtually nonexistent budget? There are plenty of places you and your roommate/friends can go in order to find cute, totally spooky Halloween stuff for no more than a combined $10- and yes!- it will STILL be an impressive haul. You do not have to go to some big, hyped-up and fancy Halloween store like Spirit to get the goods (but it is still worth it to go in there to just get in that spooky spirit!), and I will prove it to you!

1. Thrift Stores

Everyone’s favorite, am I right!?! You can dig up absolute treasures in these places if you look hard enough. Whether it be someplace like Hope’s Closet or Goodwill, you don’t need to be on a time limit when you go in there because you can be in there for hours sifting through all the donated items. You’ll be able to find anything from fall wreaths to porcelain ghosts for barely a few dollars.

2. Walmart

I know, I know. The obvious option. But don’t knock this place till you try it! Walmart always has and always will be the holy grail of cheap finds for any occasion. Don’t feel limited to porcelain ghosts and fall colored leaves at this place- they probably have glittery bats and light up mummies and all kinds of options. Just be wary - though Walmart is cheap, it adds up fast when you’re picking up every Halloween-inspired decoration in sight, so stay mindful of your budget!

3. Dollar Stores

How do people not know about dollar stores? Even my small little hometown in East Texas has at least three. They’re always getting in cheap, little, fun, Halloween stuff early for the holidays, including LOTS. OF. CANDY. Maybe you’ll find a beware sign to put next to all the $1 bags of candy you’ll inevitably purchase so maybe nobody will eat it all? (That’s just an idea from one hungry college student to the next!)

4. Discount Stores

How are discount stores any different than dollar or thrift stores, might you ask? Well honey, these places are going to be handling products from non-cheap stores at very cheap prices. You can be getting some amazing, high-quality items for low-quality prices all due to a little scratch or chip, or even just because it “went out of style.” For the record, Halloween inspired decorations never go out of style, and do not let any haters tell you otherwise. Non-profit Organizations

These buildings are much like thrift stores, only these places can be more unique to your area. They have all types of names and looks, but in the end, its purpose is to give people with less money a chance to have items they need, and in holiday times, want. They may or may not have a large selection, but these are the places that are ALWAYS worth checking, because they’re the least known and can possibly be exactly where you’ll find a “diamond in the rough” item to get your spook on.

    Regardless of if you go somewhere and spend $5 or $50, the important thing during the Halloween season is to enjoy the fun with the people around you and get into the fun. With that being said, hopefully some of the places I’ve named are near you and you’ll get to enjoy a fun day of sightseeing at the very least!

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