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The Best Cookies to Give Santa for Christmas

In my household we celebrate Christmas, and each Christmas Eve it is tradition to make Santa some cookies and leave him some milk on a plate by the fireplace to thank him for a hard nights work delivering presents to all the good boys and girls. This got me thinking, what are the best cookies to give to Santa on Christmas? So without further adieu, here are the best cookies to    give Santa for Christmas.


1. Chocolate Chip

Now, it is basically a proven fact that Santa loves chocolate chip cookies. There are countless pictures and videos of him eating and enjoying a good chocolate chip cookie. I think his favorite part is the chocolate, because when growing up chocolate, was always a symbol of love and that you care, so when he sees a chocolate chip cookie on his plate you left he can tell that you care about and love him. 


2. Sugar

When talking, Santa loves seeing creativity, and with sugar cookies you can cut the dough into so many shapes. You can also go crazy with the decorations, from sprinkles to icing of all colors, the possibilities are endless. Santa, with his twinkling eyes and rosy cheeks, is known for being one of the sweetest people ever, so when you leave him out a plate of sugar cookies it lets him know that you are thankful for his kindness. 


3. Ginger 

The big man in the red suit loves his sweets, but sometimes he needs a little spice in his life and a batch of ginger cookies will do just the trick. I also hear that Mrs. Clause loves them too, so make sure to make some extra so Santa can bring her a few.


No matter what cookies you put out though, don’t forget his milk, and also always be nice because he obviously makes a list and checks it twice each year.

Hi I’m Abby I’m a Music major at SFA ?? I love makeup, movies, singing , reading , and writing Three things I can’t live without are my Friends, Family, and having Fun “ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened “ -Dr. Seuss
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