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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

The CW’s Nancy Drew is a modern take on the classic novels, so it’s no surprise that this adaptation portrays modern-day issues. One of my favorite things about this show is the central theme of love, and not just the romantic kind, as this show explores all the various relationships that shape us into who we are.

Nancy Drew recently got picked up for season 4 and in honor of that, here are 4 lovely reasons you should binge-watch the show before the new season airs.

1. Self-love

From season 1, the show follows Nancy as she faces traumatic life events that make her question who she is and if she is worthy of love. In the end, we see her accept who she is and learn to love all parts of herself. Even the darker side of her.

The other characters in the show such as George, Bess, Nick, and Ace (the Drew Crew) also go through their own self-love journeys, which is an incredible addition to the protagonist’s storyline. It’s rare to see a character on TV who is flawed but still takes pride in one’s self despite that.

2. Romantic love

The romantic relationships in Nancy Drew are amongst some of my all-time favorites on TV. We get to see comparisons of what love is not and what it should be. The adventure the writers take us on through the relationship between Nancy and Ace is truly a wild yet thoughtful one. Even the smallest details will have you on edge (just wait till you see the season 3 finale).

Everyone in the show has a significant other, but love is never simple which makes it much more interesting. All their experiences, pleasant and unpleasant, lead to the Drew Crew members finding their person. George’s storyline is one that always enthralls me. There is a huge contrast in her relationships from season 1 to season 3 and it’s a message that is important for the younger audience to understand, that having a one-sided relationship is not healthy.

3. The love between family

From the beginning, we see Nancy’s family being pulled apart but it all eventually leads to the mending of that disconnected relationship. The unconditional love of family despite the things that Nancy and her family experienced is so touching, you will need tissues. There is also the fact that Nancy’s family is her Number 1 fan, and no matter what situation she finds herself in, her family will be there to support. And if that isn’t enough to make you all dewy-eyed, we even get to witness them as friends creating their own found family.

4. The love between friends

The dynamic this group of friends has is truly so special. It honestly makes me wish I had friends like that. The show begins with none of the characters as friends and over time they ultimately open up to one another and become the drew crew. Their friendships are built on trust and acceptance of each other for who they are. Not only that but the friendships between the girls is portrayed as a genuine sisterhood. It is very refreshing to see on-screen women uplifting each other instead of being pitted against each other. One of my favorite quotes from the show is “Because that’s what friends do. They show up.” This just embodies the kind of friendships shown on Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew has it all, from supernatural elements to intricate mysteries, but if that is not enough persuasion, you should watch the show for the equally soul-wrenching and endearing portrayal of love.

Amy is a Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences major and hopes to become an RD. Her hobbies are creating polymer clay earrings, doing yoga, and running.