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The Season of Loneliness: Why We Experience It and How It’s Beneficial

Life presents us with challenges, trials, and tribulations all the time, and we often wonder how we’re going to get through them and why they happen in the first place. Some predicaments are tougher than others, and some last longer, but the common truth they all share is that we always learn something from them. Some people call these stages of life “seasons”, and they come in many forms for various reasons. One of the most familiar seasons is the season of loneliness, and this stage can be a tough experience for those that are used to being social and active around others. Loneliness is uncomfortable to most individuals because you are now alone with your thoughts, and you now must face both the reality of how you truly feel and the root that is causing those negative emotions.

We are so constantly distracted by our friends and peers, social media, and life that we sometimes forget to stop and pay attention to what we are going through on the inside, and most people do this on purpose to avoid facing their issues. The way to release this difficult feeling is to take that time to brainstorm and think about other things you can be doing that relate to rebuilding yourself. Reverse your mindset by thinking “what can I do to evolve?” as opposed to “I’m wasting all this time being lonely.” Time seems to go at a painfully slow rate when you feel lonesome, but when you’re productive, the hours go by in the blink of an eye, and that really helps with the healing process. Evolving yourself does not equate to deep and dramatic things; it can be as simple as pampering yourself with an at-home manicure, increasing your water intake, exercising, etc. Exercising is an excellent outlet because not only does it result in making you feel and look your best, but it also takes up time and that is a very important factor.

When you are feeling lonesome, it makes a huge difference to find something to keep you busy, However, keep in mind that this doesn’t have to involve other people. The thing about seasons is they’re usually placed in your life for a reason, and you may need a break from other people for a little bit. This is an opportunity to find yourself, rediscover yourself, distance yourself from toxicity, find inner peace, get your work done, and much more – the options are endless. Remember this season is temporary, and if you use this time to cater to yourself and make personal progressions, you will come out of it peacefully and much happier than you were before.

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