8 Tips for Keeping Your Cash

As college students, there are times when money can be a big struggle. Here are some things I do to make it a little easier.

1. Order water

Adding a drink to your bill can easily push your total $2-3 more than it would be if you order water, especially if the restaurant doesn’t have free refills.

2. Do your own nails

If you’re used to getting your nails done every couple of weeks, do your own nails with someone! You can find cool nail art tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube if you want something more fancy, and it could be a fun activity with your best friend. That will give you $20-40 extra for food or other necessities if your tight on cash.

3. Avoid cover fees

There’s usually a day at most clubs where girls can get in for free before a certain time. Know the times your favorite clubs have these windows and take advantage! (Plus, you can flirt for drinks once you’re in)

4. Stay in for a weekend

Somehow, I always end up spending all my money on the weekends. Turning down plans for dinner, a movie, and a club on Friday and Saturday night can save me $50-60.

5. Eat in the cafeteria

Most people who live on a campus also have a meal plan. If this is the case for you, consciously make the decision to avoid skipping meals in the cafeteria for the ramen and pop tarts in your room just because you can take off your pants to eat them. Save money by buying less dorm snacks and use your meal plan, even if the cafeteria food is gross.

6. Don’t allow impulse spending sprees

Every once and a while I go to Goodwill and spend $30 on useless items and clothes that I don’t need. If your weakness is online shopping, block the websites on your browser so you can’t shop when you’re bored.

7. Go on adventures

Instead of going to the movies, shopping, or spending money to do something, drive somewhere close by where you can walk around, enjoy nature and take cool pictures. My friends and I used the school’s arboretum for a photoshoot on my friend’s polaroid to take up a couple hours and have a good time together.

8. Make your own coffee

As nice as it may be, going to Starbucks everyday isn’t realistic if you’re on a tight budget. Invest in a coffee maker, some creamer, and coffee grinds and you’ll be set for coffee 24/7.