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10 Things To Add To Your Dorm To Make It More Homey

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Pictures of your family and friends really add a personal connection to your dorm room. When you get home sick just look at your walls, and you really feel a connection.

2. Plants

            Adding plants to your room gives a lively feeling to your space. Just remember to water them, or you’re going to have A LOT of dead plants.

3. Your Interests

            Adding things like to your room like makeup, books, or anything you like makes your room feel like it belongs to you.

4. Curtains

            When you walk into a dorm and the residents have nice curtains you know they want to be comfortable (also if you get black out curtains it’s easier to nap in the day)!

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5. Rugs

            Nothing says comfort like walking into your dorm, taking off your shoes after a long school day, and feeling a nice soft rug under your feet.

6. Canvases

            Even if you aren’t in a sorority or organization I would HIGHLY recommend getting some canvases from Hob-Lob and decorating them with your friends to really SPICE up your room!

7. Mattress Cover

            Nothing says home sweet home like a nice cloud mattress cover. Also, it’s good for your back, ‘cause we all know that campus mattresses SUCK!

8. Stuffed Animals

            Maybe new stuffed animals that you’ve gotten throughout college or the old teddy bear you still deny sleeping with, stuffed animals always give a warm welcome when you get to your dorm.

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9. A place for all your stuff

            Keeping your room organized and giving everything a place in your dorm makes your room yours! Just try to maintain it as the year goes on.

10. FOOD!!

            Filling your dorm with your favorite comfort food never hurt anyone! So, what if it isn’t healthy, you can eat healthy at the EC.



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