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What the Heck is Cosplay?

So you may have seen the new Zaxby’s commercial with a bunch of girls goofing around and wearing funky clothing and crazy hair. 

What are these new, fabulous, specimen called, you may ask? THEY ARE COSPLAYERS!

Dun Dun Dun. 

So, now, what the heck is a cosplayer? Well sit down, shut up, and eat some popcorn cause we are about to get some education done. 

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character, either from a movie, game, book, tv show – literally anything. Typically people who cosplay will also act like the character that they’re dressed as, speak in their voice, etc. but that’s not a requirement or anything. 

Think of cosplayers as celebrities for a weekend. They go to conventions and get pictures taken of them, participate in videos, panels, artists alleys, and just generally have a blast. 

So there we go! I know, super short article, but next time you see some people in cool wigs and crazy outfits walking around campus, at least you’ll know what they’re doing!

Me in costume

Born and raised in Dandridge, TN, Taylor is a simple pre-law anthropology major and is a fan of anything cute/fluffy, reading, tea/coffee, and cats. Her patronus is Harley Quinn. 
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