Water Bottle Art

For almost everyone who uses reusable water bottles (which should be everyone), decorating them is the most exciting part. First you get to pick out the actual bottle, which is good because you get to look at different colors and designs. But the real fun part comes after you've made this decision: the stickers. When you decorate your water bottle, it will never look exactly like someone else's. Water bottle art is way of personalizing your water bottle; a way of making it yours and making it show your personality. You get to collect the stickers you like and then choose exactly where each sticker should go. Some people in particular in finding the perfect level of sporadic placement, overlapping the stickers in a way that seems effortless. Other people are particular in finding the perfect level of even placement for each sticker, never overlapping stickers to ensure each one is on prominent placement. Whatever the style, your water bottle is perfect to you. Below are examples of all types of water bottle decor, their proud owners showing off their stickers and explaining why they're important to them.


Taylor Wagner C'20:


Caroline Sweetin C'20:

"This is a picture of my favorite sticker on my water bottle! It is a wonderful conversation starter as people always have a reaction when they realize what the sticker says. It is a constant reminder as to why I have a water bottle in the first place and to stay hydrated. It is also a useful visual aid when people complain of symptoms of dehydration to show a healthy urine color. #hydrateordydrate"


Hollis Adams C'19:

"When I was accepted into Sewanee, I bought a sticker and I put it on my new water bottle."

"My other favorite is the key because it looks cool and it supported sexual assult awareness month."


Emily Taylor C'19:

"This is a sticker from my high school."

"Another sticker from high school #nostalgia."

"Sarah Burklin C'16 and I both have this sticker. She was one of the first people at Sewanee that I truly feared and respected."


Rebecca Brewer C'18:

"Now everyone can enjoy my stickers. They're cool."


Hadley Montgomery C'18:

"I chose the tie dyed one because my father has an obsession with mules that often embarrasses me; however, I've learned to embrace the weirdness and wear it on my water bottle. I have the Muletown coffee shop one because it's this really hip coffee shop in Columbia, TN. My family was originally drawn to it because of our love for mules, but we soon found out it's one of the coolest places ever. Definitely a must to visit. The sticker in the far right corner is for the Biscuit Head. It's a breakfast place in Asheville, NC. They have the craziest biscuits ever like a fried green tomato biscuit! They also have tons of homemade jams and jellies. I really love my water bottle because it lets me express a little bit about who I am and helps me to reduce my cup use each day!"


Anna Hunley C'18:

"This water bottle was purchased specifically for this past summer. I spent three months living in Colorado working on a Dude Ranch and traveling the surrounding areas to hike, fly fish, and just explore. The whole entire summer was unfathomable, but I collected stickers pretty much wherever I went. Telluride is my favorite sticker because it was my favorite Colorado city to visit. I did a lot of shopping, camping, and fly fishing here. The wild elk in this area were breathtakingly beautiful. I have a Patagonia trout sticker on here as well, because why the f not. I also have other stickers such as RAK Outfitters, which is actually an outfitter store in my hometown that I happened to have a lot of gear from to use in Colorado. Durango CO is where I spent most of my time, so I have some dope stickers from that city that I added on. I have a dorky Vans sticker because I ended up buying a pair while in Colorado to wear around. Lastly, I have a MOAB sticker -- which, if anyone ever gets to visit, is so beautiful. This water bottle, though maybe not had for very long, is full of tons of memories, dents and scratches that all tell the story of my epic Colorado summer doing unexpected, spontaneous things."