An Unbaised List of the Best Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means eating too much food and falling asleep early. But before that happens, the essential Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade marches down the streets of New York. The cute balloons were always the best part, so here is my completely unbiased ranking of the balloons, to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit!

1. Pikachu (obviously)


This always has been and always will be the best ballon. Like I said unbiased. 

2. Christmas Spongebob

Even though we are still celebrating Thanksgiving and this ballon is perpetuating premature Christmas festivities, who can hate Spongbob

3. Pillsburry Doughboy

I mean just look at how cute and happy he is

4. Bart Simpson

I mean this makes the list purely for the nightmare fuel factor

5. Snoopy

One of the most classic balloons, of course it is on this list

6. Finn and Jake

Adventure Time is a classic, I don't care what you say, the show is entertaining and fun

8. Felix the Cat

A throwback, but a super adorable balloon

Hopefully you are ready for Thanksgiving now, and the onslaught of early Christmas celebrators