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Spring Break Packing List

Packing for any vacation can be ridiculously hard, but for some reason packing for a Spring Break vacation can be even harder. Excluding the obvious essentials, here’s a list fo everything you might need to help you out!

  • Cool shades: A good pair of sunglasses is necessary no matter where you’re going. Here is a pair from American Eagle that are oh so cute!
  • Multiple bathing suits: You need options to choose from once you’re in the moment. H&M has tons of cute styles to choose from.
  • Sunscreen: You don’t want to be that person that magically turns into a lobster during your Spring Break vacay.
  • A good book: Something to keep your mind off the boy who’s so close to you but for some reason hasn’t made a move yet. BookBub Blog suggests these new ones.
  • Sun dress: Bring something cute to wear on your nights out. Target alwasy has a great selection that can be mailed straight to your door.
  • Cheap flip flops: You do not want to have to wear close-toed shoes all day, every day. You especially don’t want to ruin your favorite sandals during your escapades. Old Navy’s are cute and under $5 so if you lose them it’s no biggie.
  • Tampons: You never know when your or one of your gals is going to be spontaneously visited by Mother Nature. Even if I’m not expecting my period, I always bring supplies in case of emergency.
  • Cystex: A surprise UTI can ruin a vacation, bring UTI pain relief tablets to avoid that issue.
  • Beach tote: You don’t want to have to lug everything around with you in your arms. Bring a bag to make things easier. Nordstrom carries this Steve Madden one, which is so fun.
  • Cooler: Keep those cold drinks refreshing by putting them in a cooler.
  • Beach towel: A complete necessity if you’re going to be laying in the sand or jumping in the water. I’m in love with this one by Lilly Pulizter.
  • Ball cap: For simultaneously keeping the hair out of your face and sun out of your eyes.
  • A sweatshirt: There’s boung to be at least one cold night in the mix.
  • Headphones: You do not want to get caught on the beach without headphones to listen to your favorite tunes. Buy a cheap pair from Walmart so it doesn’t matter if sand gets in them!


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