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Self Care in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Okay, let’s be real. College is hard. Between the seemingly neverending assignments, Greek life, sports, and other extracurriculars, there’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done. Amidst it all, it is easy to forget about the most important part of this equation…YOU. Self care is so important, especially during college when you are always on the go. Leading a balanced lifestyle is vital to making your college experience the best it can be. Below are just a few ways to make sure you are the best you during this crazy thing we call college. 

1. Unwind

Whether it’s watching a movie, doing some yoga, listening to your favorite band, or reading a book, take some quiet time to yourself to forget about all the deadlines and just RELAX. 

2. Get your nails done

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel amazing after a manicure? 

3. Exercise

While going for a run or working out isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and, trust me, you’ll always feel better after a solid workout. Make it fun and go with friends!

4. Healthy food choices

On the same note, eating healthy isn’t always our first option, but good food choices are the key to staying energized and staying healthy during college. 


Treat yo self, girl. As important as it is to eat healthy and exercise, it is equally as important to let yourself have a few treats everynow and then for your sanity. It’s all about balance, people. 

5. Sleep

I couldn’t even count how many all nighters I’ve pulled studying or walked into class half asleep after a night out. While studying and having fun are important, it’s even more important to be well rested. It may seem like there’s no time for sleep some days, but you will be a better you if you get some shut eye. 

7.  Say, “I love you” to yourself

As girls, it is easy to beat ourselves down all the time. One easy way to feel your best, confident self is to simply remind yourself everyday that you are a beautiful, amazing, and powerful human being! You’d be surprised how easily this can positively effect your daily mood and attitude. 

Seriously, ladies..self care is so important during your college years–don’t neglect yourself! These are just a few ways you can destress and love yourself a little amid the craziness of college. You’re worth it and you deserve to be the best version of yourself in order to make college some of the best years of your life.