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National Cornbread Festival

Attending college in the south has taught me many things. One of those things is how much people here love cornbread. Last weekend, my friend Hannah and I went to the National Cornbread festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Thousands of people attend each year for the festivities, music and of course, the cornbread! Here are some of the flavors of cornbread we tried:

Applesauce (this one was my favorite)



I really liked this flavor because it had the perfect hint of sweetness. When we first got our piece, I didn’t know that it was made with applesauce, but as soon as I tasted it, I knew it was a sweet ingredient that I loved. 




This flavor resembled chocolate cake a lot. It had the gritty texture of cornbread with the flavor of chocolate cake. I really enjoyed the taste of this as well.




Okay don’t hate me, but I’m one of those people that LOVES pineapple on pizza, so when I saw that we were trying pineapple cornbread, I had very high expectations. Unfortunately, they were not met and I could hardly taste the pineapple flavor in the cornbread. But it was still good!




This one is definitely a hit or miss. Last year when I went to the cornbread festival, I remember not liking the salsa cornbread, but this time, I thought it was better! I guess it’s one of those flavors you have to have the right appetite or be in the right mood for.

Being from Massachusetts, one major difference I noticed between cornbread in the north compared to cornbread in the south is that the cornbread in the north is much sweeter. Some would probably even categorize it as a dessert (whenever I ate cornbread, it was after meals) . If you live within driving distance to South Pittsburg, I highly suggest attending next year; it really is a fun experience!

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