Nail Polish Trends for Fall

Fall is an exciting season.  The leaves are changing, campus looks beautiful, we get to start wearing sweaters again.  Basically, it’s the best time of the year (except maybe Christmas…).  Another thing that makes it great is the awesome new nail polish colors that are released for the new season.  For the sake of all of you wonderful people, I went through these collections and found of the must have colors for fall of 2015!


1.Keep it Chill

Light colors are great because it’s hard to tell when they’ve chipped,  meaning you can get away with wearing it for a while longer than a darker color.  This season’s pastels are icy cool,  like pure white, and very pale blues like Gelato on My Mind by OPI.


2.Down To Earth

This is one shade I’ve never tried- which is saying something- but it’s one I’m super excited to.  These shades of tan and army green are the perfect balance of trendy and sophisticated, and from what I’ve seen, they look AMAZING on darker skin tones.  Try Berlin There Done That by OPI


3.Shiny and New

This is by far my favorite trend.  It’s like wearing liquid luxury on your fingertips.  Most of these metallics are warmer, gold, bronze, and copper, but I’ve seen a few silvers too.  For some people, this is a bit much, so try it as an accent nail with a neutral or earth tone if you don’t want to go all the way with something like Aggie by Zoya

4.That is MAHOGANY!

This color is so classy.  Nothing says “I’m a dignified, tough lady who has her life together” like one of these gorgeous, rich, reddish browns.  I can’t get over how beautiful this color looks on literally every skin tone and I think everyone should try it before fall is over!  My suggestion is Cassandra by Julep.


5.The Royal Treatment

Last but not least, the color I’m currently rocking.  Though not exactly the vivid violet of Sewanee, this season’s purples are still pretty fantastic.  This season favors warm, rich purples like Essie’s In The Lobby which will have you feeling like a queen.