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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Welcome back, Links We Love readers! I hope that everyone had a relaxing Spring Break and that nobody walked away with a nasty sunburn. This week on LWL, we thought we could bring some attention to a new feature of (not so totally) Sewanee life. The SGA has created Outside the Bubble, an e-mail news update sent out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to help Sewanee students not feel so isolated up here on our beautiful mountain. In the spirit of ecce quam bonum, this week’s articles are dedicated to the SGA’s great idea. Some of you may be like me, aka completely out of the loop when it comes to current events, so let’s take a journey together through some of the most talked about recent news stories. Some of these articles are absolutely controversial, but indisputably relevant, so don’t forget to leave your comments!


NJ senator introduces marijuana legalization bill that aims to treat pot ‘like beer’ via NJ.com

New Jersey senator Nicholas Scutari has introduced a bill that aims to legalize possession, sale, and growth of marijuana. Essentially, the bill would integrate the marijuana industry into the jurisdiction of the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, equating the regulatory status of marijuana to that of alcohol.


Jet Fell Into Ocean With All Lost, Premier Says via The New York Times

The mystery of the lost Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been a topic of discussion on the lips of every news anchor for the past two weeks. Now, it seems as if there may be a definite conclusion as to the fate of those 239 people on board, courtesy of the Malaysian Premier. Does anyone else smell bias?


Petition to allow Alaska to rejoin Russia garners 17,000 signatures via Daily Kos

This is not a drill. Everyone loves those online petitions, right?


Immigrants Fight Record Deportations with Protests, Hunger Strikes via Democracy Now

Approximately 2 million people have been deported since Obama came into office six years ago. That’s the most people that any president has ever had deported. This is an interview article between Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and an undocumented activist.


College Senior Already Has Grueling 14-Month Employment Search Lined Up After Graduation via The Onion

In the spirit of comps and everything not being so serious, here is an article about what everyone fears will happen after they graduate. P.s. Good luck, compers!!


Court indefinitely suspends overturn of gay marriage ban in Michigan via New York Daily News 

Celebrations of equal marriage were cut short in Michigan after the appeals ruling was postponed.


Teen Gives Police Officer Handwritten Parking Ticket via Sunny Skyz

This article, while not necessarily hard-hitting, really made me laugh. I mean, what 14 year old still shops at Toys R Us regularly?


That does it for this week’s Links We Love. I hope you’ve found something thought-provoking and/or interesting in this little article. Come back next week for finals tips and tricks as we approach the end of the semester and school year. To all the compers, good luck! And a huge thank you to the SGA for starting up Outside the Bubble. Remember to leave comments and email me at cornwme0@sewanee.edu with ideas, comments, etc. Have a great week, everyone!



Madison is a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She enjoys Christmas in July, things that sparkle, gender equality and LGBT activism, meditating, video games, and sushi. She is majoring in both English and Anthropology and hopes to become a journalist or researcher in Linguistic Anthropology.