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Links We Love: After Christmas Edition

The most wonderful time of the year is not yet over! Bring on the all the lists and photos honoring 2013! 


2013: The Year in Pictures, via NY Times

A great tribute to 2013, covering national and global tragedies, triumphs, and pop culture. 


30 Deals And Discounts To Maximize Your After-Christmas Shopping, via Business Insider

A wonderfully comprehensive list of the best after Christmas deals, including J. Crew, Nordstrom, and Sephora. A great way to spend all those gift cards before returning back to school!


8 Powerful Photos Shine Light on the People Most New Yorkers Never See, via Policy Mic

An article showcasing our common humanity, featuring life stories of the homeless or addicts that we usually neglect to consider. Chris Arnade is the Wall Street banker turned photographer who leads this project– Policy Mic did a longer feature on his backstory and inspiration. This project is similar to the more light hearted, Humans of New York.

30 Women Who Kicked Ass in 2013, via Buzz Feed

An awesome list including international activists, celebrities, moms, and, of course, Beyonce. 

Look Human

It’s a shopping website, but the HerCampus editors have been cracking up over their products this week. They have preppy and quirky styles, great for yourself or gag gifts. 


19 Facts We Learned about “Millennials” in 2013, via Buzz Feed

Some cool facts and articles about our generation. My favorite was Huffington Post’s Millenials Getting Married: an interesting feature on why we’re getting married young, especially given all the holiday engagements filling up my news feed…


Mom’s Memory Lives on in Sweet Dad, Daughter Photos, via Today

A creative and touching way to honor his late wife and say farewell to their house together. 


Well Dressed Animals, via Tumblr

Cats in hats. Snakes in sweaters. Pugs in costumes. It doesn’t get any better than this. 


How I told My 7-Year-Old Son He Has Down Syndrome, via Huffington Post

A mother’s triumph in explaining to her son that he has down syndrome. The story provides a dose of perspective in the best kind of way. 

Alli Smith is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. She's majoring in English, with minors in Education and Women's and Gender Studies. She's an avid procrastinator who loves anything on TLC. She's particularly interested in female empowerment and positive sexuality. 
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