How to Survive a Study Binge

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With finals fast approaching, it is now time to conquer your study guides, and figure out all of those things in lecture that you may have fallen asleep for. This means the time for heavy studying is upon us. Don’t panic too much though, because here is a list of tips to make studying less awful.


1. Reward yourself with some food

Whether it is fruitsnacks, chips, or cookies from clurg, a snack after completing a little study goal is a good way to motivate yourself to get through the studying.

2. Jam out to your favorite songs

Another good way to break up the monotony of reviewing your notes is to take a little break by blasting your favorite songs. If you are studying in a classroom, you can even play the song through the speakers for maximum pump up.

3. Keep Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, ect. closed

I know, you are only going to watch one video, but having non-study related tabs open will end up doubling the amount of time you spend “studying.” Stay focused and determined and try studying distraction free.

4. Remind yourself of all of the fun you will have this weekend

After you have been studying for a few hours, you may start to feel like the entirety of your future life will be consumed by studying. Just remember that once you finish the exam or paper that is currently consuming your life, you can relax, watch a movie, or turn-up at a party.


And if all else fails…

5. Caffeine!

Whether you prefer your caffeine shot in the form of five hour energy or coffee that little bit of energy can be what you need to get yourself through a study session.