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How to Get Rid of Your Mid-semester Blues

We’ve all been there, that time of the year when you feel so slammed with work, and like you just can’t get anything  done. It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you, you’ve got the mid-semester blues. Here are some things your fellow peers and I do to get out of this funk!

1. Put your phone on do not disturb. Sometimes you just need a moment to pause all of your other thoughts, and just be in the moment. We’re all constantly glued to our phones and social media, so take just ten minutes to debrief with yourself!

2. Listen to some music. Listening to music while taking a walk can be a very calming for your mind. 

3. Call your friends or family. It’s nice to take your mind off of your own battles, and call a loved one or friend that’s not on campus. Keeping in touch with family always makes your day, and theirs!  

4. Self care night. Whatever makes you feel better, do it! Whether it’s getting a good cup of coffee, hitting the gym, or painting your nails. Pamper yourself!

Katie Bender

Sewanee '20

Pre-Law Psychology Major, Sewanee CC, Kappa Delta Sorority Eta Epsilon Chapter
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