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Helping Others This Thanksgiving

For many of us college students, we look forward to eating our hearts out, sleeping in, and spending time with family. It is sometimes difficult to remember that some people are not in the same boat. They do not have food to stuff their stomachs with, family to spend the day with, or a bed to sleep in. Here are three ways to get involved and touch the lives of people who are in need this holiday season:


Provide a meal- There are many soup kitchens and shelters, especially in metropolitan cities, that serve the homeless with a thanksgiving meal. Food is essential to human nourishment and health. Giving your time to provide something necessary to someone has so many benefits for people, the community, and even you!

Give a gift- Many people will be doing black Friday shopping. You can add some items such as gloves, coats, and blankets to you your list so you can donate them to those in need for the cold months ahead. With some simple research online, you can find organizations that will collect and distribute them to members of your community.

Spend time with people- Are there any community holiday events in your area? You can invite someone to the event and also meet people at those events. Social connections are extremely important to mental and emotional health and listening to someone is truly an act of love.

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