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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

With Halloween coming up, I know everyone is starting to think about what they want to go as to parties. When thinking about this, so many people focus just on the costume and ignore what can really make an outfit- the makeup. Makeup makes costumes so much better, improving them significantly and making you stand out. To help you bring your costume to the next level and save you the time of going through the countless number of videos available on YouTube, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Halloween makeup tutorials.


Queen of the Dead

This one is for those with more experience with makeup, so if you need something easy it may not be for you. I love the end look though, and it’s the perfect mix of spooky and cool.


Fortune Teller

This one skips around some, not always giving full descriptions, but the techniques used aren’t too hard so it doesn’t create an issue. This look is versatile too, so you can use it for so many costume outside of fortune teller. The makeup artists gives the examples of gypsy or pirate for other looks you can use this for.



This looks is absolutely adorable. I love everything the makeup artists did, and her techniques aren’t complicated either- mostly just exaggeration of techniques people use in their day to day makeup.



This is another one that is a bit complex, but the finished look is so amazing.



Finding the perfect mermaid look was actually so hard to do. I watched so many, trying to find one that had a great final look while also not being too difficult to mimic. Finally I found this one, which doesn’t use too many products and looks so cute. 



This is another one that took me a while to find the perfect tutorial. Vampire looks can be very hard to do if you want to mimic the veins that a lot of makeup artists do, but this one kept it as wimple as possible so it’s not too hard to recreate.



This makeup has been featured twice in this article, so you can tell that I trust her with her tutorials. She breaks down the features of doing skull makeup really well without making it took complicated. This look is cool too!