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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

With the second season of Jessica Jones being released on March 8, I thought I would make a guide to help those who have not watched any of the Marvel Netflix shows yet, but want to, and don’t know where to start. This isn’t in order of my favorites, just chronological order (so you have the whole backstory for all of the characters, and can be the coolest kid at any party). But you don’t really need to watch them in order, if you don’t want to- if following the rules isn’t really your thing and you want to follow your own path, I would recommend starting with Luke Cage (my personal favorite).

1.  Daredevil Season 1

(but lets be real, after you finish season 1, you are going to want to directly binge season 2)


2.  Jessica Jones Season 1

Here you get an introduction to Luke Cage (who in my unbiased opinion is the best)


3.  Daredevil Season 2

So good news if you accidently binged both seasons back to back, all you need to watch to be back on track is Jessica Jones


4. Luke Cage Season 1

The best one (again, unbiased)


5. Iron Fist Season 1

Spoiler- he doesn’t die in that plane crash as a kid


6. The Defenders Season 1

Avengers Assemble… sorry, wrong squad


7. The Punisher Season 1

Shane gets his own show


8. Jessica Jones Season 2

Now you are finally ready to watch the newest release!

Happy watching!