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Find the Corndog that Matches Your Personality!

Who hasn’t wanted to know what corndog matches themselves? I know I have spent a lot of time thinking about this meaningful question, so I thought I would help people in their quest.


Hot Dog Pizza=Life of the Party


You are like Kes$ha, the party doesn’t start until you walk in. You can make anything lit just by showing up. You get invited to every party, and people practically cancel the event if you can’t come.


Home Mode Corndog= Ready to be an Adult

You have already picked out the names for the three children you are going to have (two girls and a boy), you have decided how your house is going to be decorated (with the help of Pinterest), and found the perfect cute little house with a porch!


Tater Tot Breaded Corndog=Gets Turnt on a Tuesday

There is never a time that you aren’t trying to go out. Nothing will stop you—not the fact that you have an 8 AM class the next morning or that fact that it is a dead Tuesday night. All the time is party time.


Classic Corndog= Cubical Worker

Well, you technically have a personality, but it’s mostly due to the others around you (ketchup and mustard). You are just kind of there… that is until you throw off the chains of bureaucracy and revolt (wake up sheeple!) Then you can realize your full potential instead of being stifled by a 9-5 grind.


Theme Corndogs=Too Much Free Time

Hang out with some friends, join a club, or even just start watching a new TV show. You need something else to fill your life and decorating corndogs is not it. Sorry.


Cheese Filled Corndog=Better than Expected

When people first meet you, you seem cool, but then they get to know you and you become SUPER cool. You gotta let people know how cool you are before, it’s okay to be more out there. No need to hide yourself.



Brenna Doe

Sewanee '20

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