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Exploring What Sewanee Men and Women Love About Each Other

Her Campus Sewanee and the Good Man Initiative teamed up last Friday to encourage positive gender discussion by exploring what Sewanee men and women love about each other. We set up a table in McClurg, brought out the whiteboards and let students do the talking! Whether it’s what you say, what you do, what you wear, or what you believe in, it turns out Sewanee students love a lot about each other!

(I love how Sewanee girls look in sundresses)

(I Love Ford when he holds a white board... and I Love Dillon)

( I love those who voice their joys and concerns as well as... seek to understand before being understood)


(I love women who appreciate facial hair)

(I love when Sewanee students still say Hello to each other...)

(I love when Sewanee women know how to compliment a man)

(I love when Sewanee students stop to watch the night sky)

(I love intelligent conversations with Sewanee women)


The Her Campus Sewanee and Good Man Initiative teams would like to thank everybody who stopped by and helped us spread the love! The discussion doesn't have to stop here. Focusing on what we as a Sewanee community love about each other is a great way to encourage positive discussion and build healthier relationships. Take EQB to heart and behold how good your fellow students truly are!

*Special thanks to staff photographer Jane Moffat for taking all of these pictures!*




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