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Embarrassing Freshman Year Stories

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Your freshman year is going strong and I’m guessing you’ve made a few mistakes by now, and if you haven’t, they are bound to happen at some point. So to stand in solidarity with those of you who may have stumbled a bit so far, we’ve compiled a few embarrassing stories from a few anonymous Sewanee students who have (sort of) made it through. 


I was at the Snu pirates and robots pledge event, and I wandered upstairs in my pirate outfit and spent an hour talking to their dog. Then a senior walked in and found me and the dog there, where I then proceeded to run into the bathroom and throw up. Not my proudest moment.


Freshman year, I got a stomach bug. So I woke up and had a tummy ache and didn’t think much of it until I sharted. And then I was like uh oh, but I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, etc, but then I came back to the room and got back in bed I sharted AGAIN. I was sick as a dog with no mom to take care of me and no pepto or ginger ale or anything. Luckily even though I hardly knew her, one of my friends brought me all the supplies I needed because I had no car and couldn’t move. So I was out two pairs of underwear but gained a true friend, and I learned to keep medicine on hand for literally everything. 


I think freshman year I tumbled down fraternity stairs a good four times. One time I hadn’t even been drinking, but I slipped on the top stair and hit every single one on the way down while everyone watched me like a slow-motion trainwreck. 


It was after a pledge night for my fraternity, and I was trying to walk to see my girlfriend, and I was so drunk I fell in a bush and took a nap there. I woke up to her calling me, so I got up as fast as I could and walked to her dorm. I thought I could get away with not telling her that I napped in a bush, but she found leaves and twigs in my hair…


After Family Day for my sorority, I was dressed up as a baby, underpants outside my clothes and all, and I decided it was a great idea to wear that outfit out at night. I then spent the majority of my night going around to every fraternity and taking pictures with everyone, who I’m pretty sure thought I was some new mascot.


I had a rough night and fell asleep in the shower– sitting on the drain– and flooded my entire suite in McCrady. The carpet and literally everything on the ground was soaked, and everything smelled like mold for the entire next week. From the suitemate of the Shower Flooder: Yeah so I get this text: “Hey I flooded the shower, don’t worry I’ll clean everything up. Love you guys!!” and I get back and everything was just sopping wet. Like anything that used to be white that was on the ground had turned brown, and it made the entire floor smell so terrible. People would walk into our hallway and we would hear “What died up here oh my god” and it’s like, “Oh that’s just my room no worries.”