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Consent is Important

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

As we dive into college for another year of hard work and play, it is important to remember CONSENT. Consent is something not to take lightly, especially when initiating in sexual activities with a new partner. People are vulnerable and can get swept up in the moment. In college sexual behaviors are influenced by peer norms, norms that can be very skewed by social media and inaccurate beliefs. When giving consent please stop and consider how you feel, is this something you really want to do? DO NOT feel pressured to say yes because someone is hitting on you and they want to go home with you. Everyone needs to know how to say no, and we also need to know how to judge if someone can consent to having sex. Please watch this short video to give you a better idea of when and how people can consent.


At Sewanee we pride ourselves in looking out for one another, being friendly, and making sure no one gets hurt. This ideology that surrounds the campus encompasses consent too. If you see a girl stumbling on the sidewalk with a guy holding her up and leading her back to a dorm, STOP THEM. You need to look for signs when asking for consent;  

  1. If they are unconscious do not have sex with them
  2. If they are too drunk (ie, slurring their words, can’t keep their eyes open, or cant walk straight) their consent is not valid.
  3.  If they say yes and then change their minds, respect their answer

Respecting the answer when asking consent is crucial. Wouldn’t you rather engage in sexual activities when both parties are into it and happy about it, that makes sex so much more enjoyable and special. Being taken advantage of can cause serious psychological issues which can stay with a person for a lifetime. When giving consent both parties need to be conscious of their decision, not under and influences, and sure of their decision. Consent is important and we need to respect the answer we receive.