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The Concerns of Vegetarians

First off I want to say that Chef Rick does an amazing job and that I appreciate him very much. And especially everything he does for all of us who have dietary needs. The vegan line is amazing as well as everything in all the other lines that don’t have meat. Including the vegan soft serve (which though I am not vegan I do enjoy).

One issue that I do see often though is meat (especially bacon) in things that do not need it and would be delicious without. It very much limits the options of food for the rest of us. Fortunately most of the time they have signs.

One thing that needs to be examined is the reaction of non-vegetarian and vegans to these options. I recently saw a negative reaction towards people simply asking for more options for everyone. To me this doesn’t make sense. I understand that people like meat, or would rather have the dairy soft serve back, but we need to give options to people with restrictions as well.

The best argument I have seen to limiting the unnecessary meat in some foods is that when it has meat, it is only edible for a limited number of people. However, when it is vegetarian, it can be eaten by everyone AND can have meet added.

My main hope in writing this is that people will in the future be thoughtful and respectful to those who are not criticizing Chef Rick in anyway, but rather making suggestions, or just voicing a concern.


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