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Color Blocking Favorites


In fashion certain colors just seem to be meant for each other. This snapshot will take a look at some popular color combinations and just why they seem to fit each other perfectly (their relationship statuses are pretty serious).


1.     Purple, blue, pink.

These three colors are beautiful by themselves, but when you put them together they transform into spectacular fashion statements. A teal dress with a purple cardigan and some light pink accessories? Yes please.


2.     Blue, pink, dark grey.

We all know anything goes well with dark grey, and pink and blue are complementary colors so it’s no surprise that the three together can make some pretty amazing outfits. Just be careful, these color combinations can also come off as “immature.” For instance, an outfit primarily made of blue and grey with pink accents is classy while a hot pink dress with bright blue tights and miniscule grey details well, isn’t.


3.     Green, orange, yellow.

I hope this block of colors makes you think of spring, because that is definitely what the outfits will bring to mind! Outfits using these colors will typically look fresh, vibrant, and playful.


4.     Brown, cream, auburn, green.

As an earthy person this palette is basically what makes up my entire wardrobe. It’s really hard to go wrong with these colors because they are neutral and really go well no matter what combination you put them in. Give me a well-worn cream sweater, green skirt, and some brown tights over the hottest trends any day of the week.


5.     And our last color block? Blue and black!

Blue and black go really well together. JUST ASK THIS DRESS! (Come on, you should’ve seen this coming.)


Born and raised in Dandridge, TN, Taylor is a simple pre-law anthropology major and is a fan of anything cute/fluffy, reading, tea/coffee, and cats. Her patronus is Harley Quinn. 
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