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Campus Cutie: Wilks Halliday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Sewanee’s own campus celebrity, this All-American boy is this week’s Campus Cutie! Wilks Halliday is making a name for himself in the shooting world, as he hopes to make the US Olympic team in 2020! This boy wonder will blow your mind with his incredible skill and southern charm.


Name- Wilks Halliday

Hometown- Columbia, Tennessee

Nicknames: Wilkie, Wilkster, the Mayor

Class year: 2019

Greek organization: Chi Psi

Major: Political Science

Relationship status: Unfortunately single

Extra-curricular activities: Competitive shooting, SGA, Vice President of Chi Psi, and watching the incredible Sewanee sunsets.


How did you get into shooting? I got invited by a friend to my high school’s team shooting practice one day, fell in love with it, and have been shooting ever since.


What’s your goal for the future (involving shooting)? It would be an honor just to make the Olympic Team, but gold in the 2020 games would be incredible and what I am aiming for.


What’s your favorite part about sewanee? The community of people and network of friends that I have been so blessed to acquire over my almost two years here.


What’s on your bucket list? To go skydiving. The idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane excites me.


Signature dance move? The dab, upon which I transition to multiple dabs.


Signature Pub order? Chicken strips, tater tots, and a Mello Yello


Spirit Animal? An eagle.


Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone slurps their soup or their drink


Most embarrassing Sewanee Story: The first semester of my freshmen year, I got invited to the Chi Psi formal. I barely knew any girls at the time, so an upperclassman helped me out and tried to set me up with a date. It took four tries, but the fourth said yes. Unfortunately, she showed up very late and did not stay for too long. At one point while she was there though, the three other girls the upperclassman had asked, her, and myself were all standing in a circle talking, but none of them knew that I was the guy they had said no or given an excuse to not go with, but I did. I have never let anyone ask for me since.