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Campus Cutie: Sarah Moderhack

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Ever seen someone joyfully bounce around campus? Wondering who that may be? You can often find her chilling in Club DuPont or hanging with some pals around campus. Meet Sarah Moderhack, our campus cutie of the week. The girl who makes working hard look easy and fun! 


Name: Sarah Moderhack


Nicknames: Smods Smoderhack


Class year:  2017


Major: Biology


Greek organization: Theta Pi


Hometown: Summerville, SC


Relationship status: in a committed long-term relationship with carrel 129, we see each other every day. 


Extracurricular activities: -napping, reading, netflixing,


What has been your favorite class at Sewanee? Either Microbiology, or Appalachian Religion with Smith. They were both awesome and interesting but for different reasons.


What do you like to do in your free time? What is free time?


Signature Pub order? Breakfast burrito and a cinnamon roll


Signature dance move? A slight movement of the elbows and hips, hands in the air if I’m feeling crazy.


Spirit animal? that’s hard, probably a penguin.


Whats your most embarrassing Sewanee story? While dancing at formal, I slipped and fell in middle of the dace floor. Everyone saw and I just sat there for a second contemplating how to recover gracefully. After that like 4 people helped me up so that was nice.


What has been your biggest accomplishment at sewanee? Probably just that I’ve made it this far and that I’m (fingers crossed) going to graduate on time.


As a Senior, what advice would you give to freshman? Study harder than you think you need to. Get the easy A’s while you can, it get’s harder.


What has your Sewanee experience meant to you? My Sewanee experience has taught me to expect more from myself and to have confidence in my abilities. I came here being okay with being average but thanks to my professors and pals I came to realize that I could do so much better.