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Campus Cutie: Danielle Watts C’19

Meet our cutie!

Name: Danielle Watts

Birthday: October 25th

Class: 2019

Greek Organization: Kappa Delta

Hometown: Fairhope, AL

Major: (Hoping) Spanish/English Double Major

Relationship status: Happily taken

Extracurricular Activities: Monogramming, The Mountain Goat Literary Journal, Attempting to workout, eating with my boyfriend, and online shopping for things I’ll never buy

Best Class You’ve taken at Sewanee: Philosophy 101 with Hopwood. It has everything you could ever want in a class: an english accent, discussion based, arguing about points dead people made a long, long time ago, and always awkward side discussions.

Signature Pub Order: Mozz Sticks all day

Signature Dance Move: Pretending to know what I’m doing

Goto McClurg Line: The sandwich line. I love tuna fish sandwiches way too much.

What qualities do you find most attractive in boy: Smart, sense of humor, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and wearing colored pants

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who walk slow (I have places to be)

Spirit Animal: Shakira (Because she’s a Shewolf?? Yes??? It’s an animal????)

What is the most embarrassing song on your iTunes? I think the embarrassing part is that I put the Ying Yang Twins, Sara Bareilles, and Sublime in the same playlist.

What is your most embarrassing Sewanee story? I once went to Wal-Mart for two things. As everyone has experienced, I ended up grabbing about 12 things and carrying them all, and since I think I’m so funny, I was trying to snapchat a picture of everything I was carrying to my friends with the typical “lol only came for two items”. I ran smack into a lady mid-selfie, and her response was “gotta let the world know about the struggle”.


Here’s why we love her!

So you used to wear big poofy dresses in high school? Explain what that was and what it was like to be a practical Southern Belle.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this dress looks like, I think my boyfriend describes it the best: it’s a cross between Little Bo Peep and Cinderella. My senior year of high school I was selected to be one of the six Eastern Shore Dogwood Trail Maids. I was the aqua trail maid, or as the little boys like to say, “Mom! I like the green one, because it’s a boy color”. It’s a scholarship program that allows us to be ambassadors for our community. During my year, I got to be a part of the Cherry Blossom Parade in D.C. twice! It was honestly amazing to be a role model to so many children around my area. Now there has been two courts since I did it which is making me feel so old.

What has been your hardest transition to college?

I get upset every time I have to leave my family. My family is definitely my anchor, so it’s hard to leave them after I get back in our normal routine at home. I was honestly super lucky to find friends so quickly when I came to Sewanee, but I also think I go to an amazing school where everyone wants to be your friend.

You recently got an awesome marketing job…. Tell us all about it!

I am the Marketing Specialist for a company called Voice Carrier that specializes in Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions (super fancy right?). I’m in charge of all of their social media, email marketing, and connecting our company with others. I feel like I’m adulting hard as I type all of this.

Is it hard juggling your job and school work?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but it’s always interesting planning calls around my classes and sorority events. I have a lot of marketing tricks that allow me to stay on top of my social media posts without actually manually doing them at the time they are posted.

Madi is a Senior from Asheville, North Carolina. She has written for the Sewanee chapter of Her Campus since it was founded her Freshman year, and hopes to continue writing after graduation either as a journalist or through work in Public Relations. She loves laughing and hearing people's life stories!
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