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Campus Cutie: Blanton Stagno C’17

Have you ever seen that one handsome devil sitting on the back porch of FIJI on a casual, sunny afternoon? Well Sewanee, our latest and cutest campus cutie is one Mr. Blanton Stagno. Quite possibly a Sewanee angel incarnate, this junior on the domain has been warming our hearts, minds, and conversations with his charming presence since 2013. Let’s get to know a little bit more about our cutie. EQB. YSR. 
Name: Blanton Stagno
Nicknames: Blantron, Blantonomo Bay, Stag, Dirty Stag
Birthday: September 8
Class: 2017
Greek Organization: Fiji
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: History
Relationship Status: Single, but committed to Shans Chinese Buffet for life
Extracurricular Activities: IM sports, Writing for Scout.com, sleeping, and crushing Shans
Best Class: Hatha Yoga
Signature Pub Order: Granger and Chicken Fingers
Signature Dance Move: Oh there are so many. I’m kind of a wild card, so the Dougie or the Shans Shake.
McClurg Line: Home line
Attractiveness in Boy/Girl: Can make me laugh, good dancer, smart, (ability to digest Shans)
Biggest Pet Peeve: Sean Heffron, my roommate, not allowing me to eat Shans in the room.
Spirit Animal: Stag
Weird Body Fact: I was born with two fingers stuck together. Also Immune to Shans.
Favorite Sewanee Theme Party: 90’s party at SNU because I love 90’s music. I like the RAP 
music made during that time.
Most Magical Adventure: Pledgeship and excursions to Shans
Sewanee Bucket List: Skydiving
So ladies, if you’re looking for a date to Shans, I think we’ve found your match.
Darden is a Junior Psychology major with a Women and Gender Studies minor. She's from Charlotte, North Carolina and is obsessed with pandas. Her favorite color is blue and she loves surprises.
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