Campus Celebrity: Hagi Bradley - Dean of Greek Life!


Dean Hagi is so much more than just the Dean of Greek Life - He is part of what makes the Sewanee community so special! If you havent met this man, you need to! 

Name:  Hagi Bradley

Nicknames:  too many to even count. Ole Hage is a good one that can be printed

Birthday: September 8, same as John Benson

Greek Organization: Dean of Greek life of course!!! 

Hometown: I've lived in lots of places both North and South. I graduated high school in Louisiana and went back there for grad school. I feel that south Louisiana people are truly my culture of people. They enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Hagi with Rob McAlister dressed up as the Beatles

College you Graduated from: Millsaps for undergrad and LSU for grad school twice.

Relationship status: I live in Sewanee which definitely equals single

Extracurricular Activities: love college football (Geaux/Go Tigers!!!), watching movies and cartoons, hanging out with friends, not doing things that the SOP tries to get me to do constantly, music festivals (I do Hangout and Bonnaroo), watching Naked and Afraid, and travelling (something I love doing)

Signature Pub Order: sadly I have celiacs so there's very few things I get to eat there. I do love the fruit bowl. At Stirlings I do get a scoop of chicken salad and always love the everything smoothie no yogurt.

Signature Dance Move: I love the crazy old ones like the shopping cart, lawn mower, sprinkler, and the Roger Rabbit lol.

Go-to McClurg Line: love the Turkey burger

What qualities do you find most attractive in a girl: a great personality, make me laugh, not jealous, fun, independent

Me (right) with Hagi in his Delores Umbridge costume Halloween 2014

Biggest Pet Peeve: people who don't take the time to listen or care

Spirit Animal: Kevin Hart or Katt they count lol

What is the most embarrassing song on your iTunes? I'd have to admit it's the Disney songs and the boy band songs. Probably Justin Bieber too.

What is your most embarrassing Sewanee story? I haven't had many embarrassing Sewanee moments but my most embarrassing moment happened in grad school. My girlfriend was graduating that day and I was going to meet her entire family. I got up and got showered and realized that my boxers were in the dryer. I hung my towel up in the bathroom and walked out into the main room. The dryer was stacked so when I open the door, it blocked my face but not the bottom half. I searched through the dryer until I found the ones I wanted. Closed the dryer door and looked up at the big living room bay window. I saw my girlfriend, her mom, dad, sister, grandma, and great aunt all peering directly into the window at me with absolutely no clothes on. Needless to say, it was an interesting way to meet the family. They all smiled a lot during that day and at dinner.

What's your favorite movie? I love the Star Wars movies (especially the ones with Yoda) and most Disney cartoons (especially Lion King).

If you had a theme song played every time you walked into a room, what would it be? Everyday I'm Hustlin' and Story of My Life (I actually posted a video of myself singing it once before).

Click here to watch! :) 

What made you come to Sewanee? I absolutely loved the students and people when I came to visit. The relationships I've built have been the absolute best and I couldn't ask for better.

What has been your favorite Sewanee Memory? I always love meeting families and seeing people during grad week and graduation. I cry like a baby!!!

Where is your favorite place on campus? I love the cross at sunset and Green's View. Shockingly, I have hiked to Bridal Veil Falls and love it when the water is flowing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? That's a very good question. Hopefully I'll still be helping students and being a resource and giving out "Hagi Hugs" daily to all who need a good hug.