Bermuda the Shakespearean Dog

Meet our cutie!

Name: Bermuda

Nicknames: Muda, MuMu

Birthday: April 23, 2008 (Shakespeare’s birthday… does that mean I’m as cool as him?)

Class: Eternally in Shakespeare Class

Greek Organization: GDI, I love whoever loves me

Hometown: Kalispell, Montana

Major: English with Minor in Shakespeare Studies

Relationship status: Deep infatuation with Dustin Glasner

Extracurricular Activities: chasing squirrels, jumping for treats, going to the movies, going to “the Sonic”

Best Class You’ve taken at Sewanee: Shakespeare I and II

Signature Pub Order: The Granger

Signature Dance Move: The Leap and Twist

Go-to McClurg Line: Homeline

What qualities do you find most attractive in guy: Puppy dog eyes

Biggest Pet Peeve: Being left alone

Spirit Animal: Seal

Weird Body Fact: currently having to wear a cone of shame around my neck… (at least it has a pretty pink ribbon)

What is your most embarrassing Sewanee story? When I ate the luncheon for one of my mom's advisees and his family and then got sick…. The chickens looked so good, how was I supposed to know they were for someone else?

According to Professor Macfie:

How did you come to have Bermuda?

She was rescued by my son Thomas Macfie in Montanna. She came to Sewanee to stay with us when he hiked the Camino. (Still here 3 years later)

Some students claim they do better on quizzes when Bermuda is there, do you think that’s true?

Yes, she’s very anxious because she wants to make sure everyone passes or else she will feel it is her fault.