Bachelor First Impressions

I'm going to be honest here for a second... I had never watched The Bachelor until just this week. Nor had I watched The Bachelorette. I still haven't watched The Bachelorette for that matter. But, it's been a tradition this season that every Tuesday my roommate watches the episode that aired the night before and gives updates on what's happening as we get ready in the morning. After several weeks of this, I finally decided to start watching for myself. I went on ABC's website and started watching The Bachelor. 

My first impression is that Arie is a horrible Bachelor. He gets on my nerves so much. All he does is tell every single girl how real their "connection" is and how "real" their relationship is. And every time he says something it's like he's trying so hard to sound sexy. When you're trying to be sexy, it doesn't exactly work out well. He's also just not that attractive. Is he unattractive? No, but I don't think he oozes Bachelor appeal either. I don't have experience watching other Bachelors to say whether or not this is unusual, but I know enough to say that he's annoying.

Second impression: I would love to be on The Bachelor because it seems like all they do is drink. I would pay money to live in a fancy house and drink nice alcohol every day for a couple months. And going to multiple great destinations like France and Italy? Sign me up. I would love that life of luxury.

Last but not least, I cannot believe anyone goes on the show thinking that they will actually find real love on the show is ignorant. People may feel that they're in love while on the show, but of course it fizzles out once they enter the real world. They are going from having beautiful and extremely romantic dates planned out for them to working real jobs and paying for things on their own again. The relationship is great while it's in the bubble, but once the bubble is burst so does the relationship. One of the only successful relationships to come out of the show is Sean and Catherine and they are such a rarity. So good luck, ladies.