All About Taylor Swift's New Album 'reputation'

After an entire year of Taylor Swift unseen and in hiding, she finally came out of one of her darkest moments with the release her 6th and best studio album yet, reputation. Breaking records and running off and never saying ‘sorry’, reputation became the #1 album in 6 minutes following its release on Friday, went #1 in 92 countries, sold 800k copies on iTunes in its first hour, had 500+ pre-release sales, and 826M views on YouTube. As a massive, possibly over obsessed fan, I can assure you that swifties survived the drought and came back stronger and happier than ever, as did Taylor.

Preceding the release, Taylor hosted 'secret sessions' at all of her homes around the US and the UK, inviting 100 fans to each, giving them merch, taking pictures, letting fans hold her Grammy’s and VMA moonman award's, and played the entire album for them, weeks before the rest of the world would hear the songs. Her astounding trust of 500 fans and the happiness she gave them is incredible. Each fan was hand-picked by Taylor, after being ‘taylurked’ on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, which is just one of the many reasons why I adore her.

On Friday I had a release party with some of my friends who support my love for Taylor and got to experience the new album with them. After all the pining and anticipation, I, as well as swifties all over the world, received their pre-ordered albums, merchandise, and magazines. The excitement of getting to listen to so many new songs and memorize lyrics brings me overwhelming happiness. Also hanging up new posters, reading poems by Taylor and seeing new, gorgeous pictures of her. If you don’t know me, I’m the girl wearing my ‘REP’ sweatshirt all around campus and who carved Taylor Swift’s face into a pumpkin for Halloween.

So if you haven’t already, buy the masterpiece that is ‘reputation’ and jam to badass anthems like 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things,' 'End Game,' and 'Look What You Made Me Do', heartwarming ballads like 'New Years Day', saucy tunes like 'Dress,' and songs like 'Delicate,' 'King of My Heart,' 'Call It What You Want,' and 'Dancing With Our Hand Tied' that give you faith that you will find someone someday who loves you despite your bad reputation.