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5 things to do when you have the “Sewanee Plague”

1) Watch all the Netflix 

When you have the Sewanee Plague you WILL want to die, and the best thing, in my humble opinion, to do is just watch anything and everything on Netflix. During my recent bout of the Flu I re-watched all of Friends.

2) Take Vitamin C

Take vitamin C in whatever form you can. Being the child that I am I like to take it in the form of the vitamin C lollipops that the Piggly Wiggly sells in one of its “health food” sections.

3) Use lotion tissues

One of my amazing roommates got me a box of not only lotion tissues, but Vapor Rub ones. They made me that much less miserable, and when you are sick, that little bit of relief is enough.

4) Drink something hot.

I can’t even express how comforting going to McClurg and getting hot water with lots of lemon and a little bit of honey is. It feels like a loving hug from the inside. Also along with this, drink fluids!

5) Call your mother (or equivalent comforting person of warmth and love)

Being sick at college sucks, not only because you are sick, but because you don’t have your usual support system with you, but in some ways that support is only a phone call away, so take advantage.

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