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5 Songs We KNOW You Sing in the Shower

Okay, look, even if you don’t want to admit it, we know you sing in the shower. We all do it! It’s how we can start or end an awesome day. This my list of the top five “singing in the shower” songs!


1. California Gurls- Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg

Yes, indeed, this song is “unforgettable”, Katy.


2. Shower- Becky G Duh! Of course this makes the list, how could it not? 

3. Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus 

This is a classic for most college girls. It’s a great song to boost your mood!

4. Single Ladies- Beyonce

Single or not, this is an all time favorite!

5. Pocket Full of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield 

Take me away!





Katie Bender

Sewanee '20

Pre-Law Psychology Major, Sewanee CC, Kappa Delta Sorority Eta Epsilon Chapter
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