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25 Things to Add to Your Sewanee Bucket List

Some of these I’ve done, some I have not, and some I may never do, but they are all admirable pursuits.

1. Swim at Lake Dimmick

2. Skinny dip in Lake Cheston


3. Go caving

4. Hang out with friends at Proctor’s Hall

5. Hike to Bridal Veils Falls

6. Look out at KA Point

7. Swim at Foster Falls

8. Hike the Perimeter Trail


9. Streak the Quad

10. Explore the roof of an academic building

11. Tour de Frats (12 fraternities in one night)

12. Putt on the golf course

13. Take a class in every academic building


14. Look at the stars from the observatory

15. Dinner at Ivy Wild

16. Dinner at Shans


17. Breakfast at Smokehouse

18. Sushi at Yamato’s

19. Delivery from Shenanigans

20. Trivia Night and BOGO at the Tavern


21. Make a Sewanee Snow Angel

22. Search for Sewanee ghosts at midnight

23. Take a hard class outside your major or minor just because it interests you

24. Create your own WUTS radio show

25. Watch the sunset from Morgan’s Steep and Greens View


Sarah Christie, C'16, is a biochemistry major and French minor at Sewanee. When she graduates, she wants to go to vet school. She loves dancing like nobody is watching, meeting new people, eating Pub food, riding horses, and writing for Her Campus. 
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