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The 13 Different Types of People at Parties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

We’ve all seen these types of people and have probably been a few of them at one point or another. Here are the 13 different types of people you will encounter at a party.

1.  The “Dads”

We’ve all seen them, the people who nurse their one beer and shift from one foot to another in the corner of the dance floor. Awkwardly smiling and nodding as people stumble by. And hey, this can apply to all people. No one is safe from being the “dad” at the party.

2.  The Table Dancers

We all cringe slightly as another person is pulled up onto the table. Not in fear of their safety but rather ours. Who wants to have someone fall on top of them? Regardless, these people definitely know how to have a good time. But seriously get off the table.

3.  The Cynic

There is always one person who just isn’t having a good time. Whether it’s because they’ve been deemed the sober friend for the night or because they have a test tomorrow and know they shouldn’t be out, this person hates everything and everyone. 

4.  The American Idol Contestant

This person just loves singing along to a good song. Or every song that is. Whether or not they can actually sing is debatable. Just don’t be the person caught singing when the music is turned off.

5.  The Prospect

There is nothing better than being in high school and going to a college party. Or maybe there is. Like Nutella and napping. But nonetheless, this person gets bragging rights over all their friends when they return home. “So I went to this college rager…”

6.  The Person Who Just Got Dumped

No better treatment than a girls’ or boys’ night out after a bad breakup. Unless the ex happens to be at that party. Which they definitely will be. This is Sewanee. Remember to bring some tissues and vodka to wash away the pain. Lots of it.

7.  The Crier

There is bound to be someone in tears at some point during the night. Whether it was because they had a nasty fall or simply because well…they don’t even know. Tears are flowing.  

8.  The Person Who Doesn’t Even Make it Out

With all the stress of being in college and your future hanging on by a thread, sometimes we all need to just let loose. But not too loose. There’s always the person who goes a little too hard and ends up in the toilet and not the frat house. No man left behind?  


9.  The Babysitter

Being a babysitter with a crowd of drunk friends is like being a single parent at Disney World with kids on leashes. “Stranger Danger!” “Don’t eat that” “Don’t touch that” “DONT DRINK THAT.” Babysitting can be difficult but hey, it gives you the next night off to go as crazy as you want.

10.  The Freshman

Being a freshman myself, I certainly can testify that I have had my awkward freshmen moments. Whether it be showing up way too early to a party or asking the person at the door if its “okay to go inside?”, we definitely can all spot a freshman.  

11.  The Person Who Only Smokes When They’re Drunk

Drinking and smoking weirdly go hand in hand. A sober mind will have a resounding no to smoking and all it’s chemicals. While a drunk mind will have four cigarettes on hand and two more in their mouth. If you have a cigarette, prepare for this person to come stumbling up asking to bum a smoke. “Can I get a light?”


12.  The One Who Eats It

Whether it be because of extra slippery frat sludge or a torrential downpour, some people can’t stay up on their feet. It’s always funny…until it happens to you.  Luckily, the alcohol usually supresses the pain.

13.  The Drunk Girls in the Bathroom

Confucius once said that if we all treated each other like the drunk girls in the bathroom, the world would be a much better place. But seriously, if you’re in need of a compliment or a best friend for the night, head to the bathroom.

Dani is currently a freshman from the 410 with a love for The Doors, Nutella, and Chris Pratt/Andy Dwyer.