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Throughout our collegiate experiences, we are forced to be pushed outside our comfort zones. For some people these are the times for growth and to take advantage of new experiences. As for others, they cave under the pressures of living on your own for the first time. One outcome that reigns true for both cases is that you learn a lot about yourself. One quote that particularly resonated with me regarding this matter is, “If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule – Never lie to yourself.” by Paulo Coelho. Personally, I will admit that I set both short term and long term goals for myself but sometimes fail to push the degree of effort that I am able to put forth to reach these goals. Success is never simply given and as a college student you must embody that principle. If you tell yourself you are going to  work towards your success and keep delaying it, success will never come. Here is a few steps to follow to avoid that struggle bus of laziness that will forever tempt us to hop aboard.

  1. Formulate your plan to success.
  2. Give yourself a realistic period to completion.
  3. Take yourself and your future seriously.

 You are the only one that is going to bring you success. In college, it is so easy to put things off and just take another nap instead of staying on your personal track to success. Realize how valuable your time is right now. These are the times that will ultimately mold our futures.

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