Why I Fell In Love with Washington D.C.


I’ve lived in New Jersey for 17 years, so I love New York City.  But it only took a week in Washington D.C. for me to fall in love with our Nation’s capital.  


Everything in D.C. is free.  Okay, not everything, but all the museums (and trust me there are a lot in D.C.) are free to the public.  Which, as a college student on a budget, is really awesome.  Not to mention the National Mall is always available for picnics, leisurely walks, or even a long run.


It’s clean.  Okay, well by that I just mean it’s a lot cleaner than New York City.  Maybe every city is cleaner than NYC, but it was just encouraging to see such a public space could be kept so nicely.



The people are classy.  Maybe it’s because people in the Nation’s Capital just have a lot of important things to do, but there’s definitely an overall more well dressed vibe.  I’m not saying people in New York aren’t well dressed, but there are also a lot more people that dress extremely casually in NYC.  


The monuments are beautiful.  I hate history. But being in the Jefferson Memorial looking up at all the quotes he crafted that still apply to societal issues today was actually inspiring.  His ideals ingrained in concrete proved why he deserved such an honor.


Don’t take this the wrong way, I will always be partial to New York City.  But after my week in Washington D.C., I could totally see myself living in either city.  (Great, another choice for me to be indecisive about.)