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What to Expect from Superbowl LII

Get your chips ready folks! If you give a hoot about football, you, along with other football lovers, have probably been waiting for this game since Super Bowl LI. For the pre-game preparation, you will need tons of snacks. The Super Bowl is the perfect time to sit back on your couch or a friend’s couch and pig out. Plus, when your favorite team wins you’ll need a bowl of chips to throw in the air for dramatic effects. This is expected to be quite the evening, full of laughs, tears and screams. Some people will experience victory, while others experience defeat. There are a few different types of people that show out for the game. The person that screams commands at the TV as if Tom Brady can hear him. The person who cries at the new Budweiser commercial. The person that ate all of the Doritos before you could have one. Also, don’t forget the person that hates the other team’s quarterback so much tears begin to form in anguish. Whatever fan you are this Super Bowl, grab some snacks, toss back a cold one and hang on the couch with your friends. This is not a game to miss!


Disclaimer: Her Campus and Seton Hall do not endorse underage drinking.

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