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Urban Decay’s Naked2 Release and Other Eyeshadow Must-Haves

Described as “the most anticipated sequel of the decade,” Urban Decays’ Naked2 pallet is a must-have for any beauty fanatic.  With 12 matte, satin and glitter shadows, the pallet can easily take you from a simple “I woke up late and need to go to class” look to a more sultry “look at me trying to channel my inner Kardashian” feel.  The versatility and high quality that the pallet provides makes spending the $50 (slightly) more acceptable, especially for penny-pinching college students.  Just like the first Naked pallet, which released over a year ago, Naked2 is in high demand and it seems to be sold out virtually everywhere.  Sephora can’t keep their shelves stocked and the official Urban Decay website, www.urbandecay.com, encourages people to put their names on a waiting list alerting them when the pallet comes back in stock. 

So, you’ve battled the crowds and saved your cash, and you finally get your hands on Naked2: what now?  After successfully scoring the pallet when it was pre-released at the beginning of December, I have had some time to experiment with colors and find the best (and the worst) combinations.  To make yourself look more awake from a long night of partying studying, dust “Bootycall” onto your tear ducts and brow bones, followed by “Suspect” all over your eyelids.  Finish it off with a few coats of mascara and you’ll be looking way more awake than you did after drinking 2 Redbulls. 

If you want to vamp up your style for a night out with the girls (or your boy), pack on “Busted” all over your lids, blended out with “Foxy” in your crease (tip: feel for your eye socket to find your crease).  Smudge “Blackout” onto your top and bottom lash lines (like eyeliner), and add a good thickening mascara for a gorgeous smoky look. 
 If you can’t fathom dropping $50 on eye shadow, don’t worry – I have complied a list of some great drugstore alternatives for a fraction of the price! 

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows: My obsessions! For about $7, these cream shadows are perfect to quickly pop on your eyes for a no-fuss makeup look perfect for every girl on the go. 


2. Maybelline ExpertWare Eyeshadow Quad: These highly-pigmented eye shadow quads come in different color families from neutral to bright, and are great if you’re just starting out with makeup or if you are a bargain hunter until the day you die.  

3. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles: With colors rivaling MAC and Urban Decay, these Wet n Wild shadows are pigmented, creamy and CHEAP (about $2)! If you don’t need a bunch of shadows to get the job done, grab a few neutrals that will work for day, night, and any time in between.  

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