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This is one of the best amusement parks I have ever been to. If you’re ever in Copenhagen, it is definitely worth visiting. It is the second-oldest operating amusement park, opened in 1843.

It has an abundant amount of rides which are all fun-filled. I’m all about roller-coasters and rides, as long as they’re made for kids or aren’t turning upside down. I definitely didn’t stick to that while at Tivoli and tried the Vertigo ride, where I passed out for a minute only to wake up still on the ride, hoping I wouldn’t die. The Vertigo runs at 62 mph and turns 360 degrees, with a 5 g effect, meaning your body feels as though it’s 5 times heavier than it is.

And the food. There’s so much of it. Honestly there are food stands everywhere serving various things. There are also restaurant style places to eat. All food is good food, especially at Tivoli.

Entrance into the amusement park is $17 (for 8 years and older), while an unlimited ride ticket is $36. So in total you’d be paying $53 which honestly is worth it because why spend money for tickets each time you want to go on a ride, when you can forget worrying about that and go any by just showing the bracelet on your wrist. There’s also group tickets on that you can check out on their website if you’re going with 20+ people.

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