Tips for Studying

Finals season is in full swing, and just about everyone is feeling the pressure. Well at least, I know I am. As someone who has trouble focusing and sitting down to study in the traditional sense, here are a few tips and tricks to get through that last minute cram session:

1. Take LOTS of breaks.

Being burned out is one of the worst possible feelings in the middle of a huge workload. To avoid feeling the inevitable pressure, make sure you take time to rest your brain a little bit- watch an episode of your favorite show, go to dinner with a friend, or take a nap. That way, when you sit down to go back to your notes, you’ll feel at least a little bit refreshed.

2. Use rewards.

Set goals for yourself and set up a little rewards system. Personally, I like to use gummy bears for every page of notes I understand because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It doesn’t have to be food related tho- it can be as simple as taking a break after you finally understand that difficult concept or finish that huge project.

3. Use materials other than just your notes.

YouTube is my best friend in these scenarios- sometimes it’s difficult to understand a concept on paper but when it’s spoken out it’s easier to understand. You can also draw out diagrams or watch tutorial videos if you can’t decipher those notes.

4. Break up your study sessions.

Make sure you avoid last minute cram sessions because it’s harder to retain information that way. It’s best to break up your notes into sections over a couple of days so you don’t get burned out after a couple of chapters.

5. Make sure to admit defeat if you need to.

Everyone has experienced that one chapter of information that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. Make sure you don’t get too upset about struggling with those concepts and admit defeat if you need to. If you don’t want to give up on it, make sure to go to your professor to ask for help if you can.