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Student Government Superstar: Meet Christina Simon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Full Name: Christina Simon

Major: English Major/Business Administration Minor

Hometown: Sparta, NJ

Graduation Year: Sophomore (2019)

Christina Simon, a sophomore student and Secretary of the Student Government Association at Seton Hall University, talks about getting involved on campus for the upcoming school year!

Her Campus (HC): What Seton Hall University (SHU) sports team’s games do you enjoy going to most?

Christina Simon (CS): I absolutely love going to our team’s games in general, but my personal favorites are soccer, baseball and basketball.  Both our women’s and men’s teams show dedication and talent that make me proud to wear SHU blue.  Of course, the food and the energy in the crowd only adds to the fun.  You can really see the sense of community amongst SHU students at our games.

HC: Where do you live on campus?

CS: I live in Xavier Hall with my friends and our goldfish, Eugene.

HC: What clubs are you involved in on campus?

CS: I am your Secretary of Student Government, and I am a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi.

HC: What about SHU’s clubs do you think sets us apart from other schools?

CS: SHU’s clubs demonstrate a sense of diversity and community that set us apart from other college campuses.  No matter who you are or what you are interested in, you can find a club to make your home if you go out and look for it. In addition, students who want to start up a new club have the freedom to do so through our easy SOAC process.  Throughout the past few years, a lot of students have eagerly applied for SOAC and pitched ideas for new clubs, and it makes me happy to see our club community grow.

HC: What does the Student Government Association (SGA) do for the student body?

CS: SGA does a lot for the student body! Recently, we have implemented a number display system in the cove, facilitated Meet the Deans events, grown closer to making South Orange a college town through student discounts, and more!  I’m excited to work with our new administration to further benefit our students; some of our goals for this year include creating a 24-hour study space, helping students register to vote via Turbovote, and creating a module on PirateNet that displays the events of all of our campus clubs.

HC: What’s your favorite spot on campus?

CS: The campus green gets better with every season.  Whether you’re hanging out with your friends between classes on a nice day or watching the Christmas tree lighting with hot chocolate in your hand, the green allows you to immerse yourself into the friendly and welcoming community that is Seton Hall.

HC: What advice would you give freshman for their first month at SHU?

CS: As someone who was a freshman just a few short months ago, I think that the best piece of advice that I could give to freshmen is to have fun.  I’ve changed my major a million times, and I’ve been worried about finding friends at a new school; however, everything worked out for me in the end, and I know that everything will work out for you.  Cherish your youth and try something new! You might be surprised by the things that you learn about yourself while you’re in college.

HC: What’s a good first step for students who are interested in SGA?

CS: Students who are interested in SGA are encouraged to come to our weekly meetings every Monday at 7 PM in the Chancellor’s Suite (bottom floor of the University Center). We’re actually holding an interview process to fill our vacancy seats for Freshman Senators within the next few weeks, so we’d love to see some new students come out. We’re super excited to meet rising leaders on campus!


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