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Spring Breakin’ It: The Right Way

When thinking of the words “Spring Break”, the most obvious destination come to mind: sun and fun. That is exactly what Florida has to offer spring break travelers. Famous for its stunning beaches and lively clubs, Florida is the most popular location for all Spring Breakers looking for a simultaneously relaxing and exciting vacation. This past week, four of my best friends and I decided to test Florida’s Spring Break capabilities and jetted off to Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami for seven days. The only word that can put the excitement of the week into explicable words is riveting. From lounging in cabanas on clear watered beaches of Nikki Beach, to strolling down Ocean Drive and dancing in Miami’s most famous and popular clubs, my friends and I never felt a lull in the fun. The best part about traveling today is that is it so easy to come across cheap airfare and nice places to stay (that won’t make you want to cringe). Overall, we left the north of Cuba with no regrets! Well… maybe some regrets, but all of us agreed that we would not have wanted to change anything about our Spring Break 2018. Miami led us to a classy Spring Break experience where we were able to soak in the sun during the day and spend the nighttime making memories that will last a lifetime. So, next year when planning your spring outing, go to Miami and prepare for the vacation of your dreams. We are already scheming about how we can get ourselves back there ASAP Rocky.

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