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Sex, Relationships, and Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

It’s important for us young women to appreciate our self-worth. A relationship is for personal growth. You support your partner and they support you. When you are so infatuated with your partner, it’s easy to be blind to the signs of a toxic relationship. While everyone around you may notice the unhealthy parts of your relationship, you may not.

  • Your partner may tell you things you want to hear
  • They’re constantly apologizing telling you they’ll change
  • Their words don’t match their actions
  • They control every aspect of your life
  • They hide things from you

It’s important once you realize these signs that you immediately remove yourself from the situation. It can be so difficult. They may guilt you back into a relationship, telling you that you two are better together. They may threaten your safety or even theirs. They may make you feel incredibly worthless. It may even get dangerous, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There are several stages that go along with getting out of a toxic relationship. There is denial. The denial that this is just a bad dream and the person you love is exactly who you want them to be. There is the denial that they still respect you even, lie after lie after lie.

There is the phase of independence where you have a few days you feel like things are looking up. Then there is the grief. The feeling of despair. The nights when you are alone and wishing you were cuddled up watching your favorite television show, with your favorite snack.

You deserve to be put as a priority. You are unique and deserve someone who loves your every flaw. Have high standards and do not put up with anything less.

Kelly Carr

Seton Hall '19

My name is Kelly Carr and I am currently studying at Seton Hall University. I am a public relations major/ film minor.