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Saying Goodbye to Your Fish During Break

College spring break is fun. Some people go on lavish trips, to Cancun or Panama City. Some people go home to be with their family. And some people just end up staying here, on campus. Spring break is supposed to bring you nothing but happiness and joy, but for some of us that leave campus, it comes with a sense of worry. This group of people are fish mommy and daddys.

My fish’s name is Cotton Candy Princess and she is so pretty with her pink and purple scalls. She’s the best little fishy in the world. Breaks are hard though. Leaving my little girl behind while I go gallivanting with my friends back home is tough. You feel guilty, you know, and she has no idea where her mommy went.

Over thanksgiving break I was able to have a friend watch her. He would send me snapchat videos of her to prove she was still alive. But it wasn’t the same. Christmas break was the hardest. I was gone for about three weeks and unfortunately I had not found a baby sitter. During the entire break, I was thinking about her. Thankfully she’s a trouper and lived through it.

So to all of the fishy mommies and daddies I understand the worry you have when you leave your baby behind. But if you can find a very capable babysitter you shouldn’t fret. For spring break I have a great baby sitter and I know my baby is in good hands. To the baby sitters of fish thank you for watching our little blessings.


P.S. I’m not really obsessed with my fish, but she is the best fish in the world.

P.P.S. I know that color fish her males, but don’t I like to think of my baby as a she.

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