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SAB: the unsung heroes of SHU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Spring has finally sprung and Seton Hall knows exactly how to celebrate. To celebrate the end of seasonal depression and the start of final, SAB said “HEY, its carnival time!” Oh yes, the parking lot behind X was filled with rides, games, food and much more. The smell of deep fried Oreos and fries filled the air as you heard screams and giggles from the Sizzlers ride, and songs from the live band. Crowds gathered to tie-dye free shirts, marble dip different body parts, and win cute stuffed animals at the water gun game. The best part of it all? It was all free (and just a couple feet away from my bed ((no-brainer situation)))! This was the best way to fully get rid of that seasonal depression and get excited for springtime.

SAB brought the real-deal carnival without diving into anyone’s pockets. So next time you see a SAB member, give them a pat on the back for making everyone’s Saturday at Seton Hall a little more enjoyable.

Veronica Ruth

Seton Hall '20